ArcGIS Dashboard Removing Digits on Indicator Widget

07-08-2021 09:37 PM
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I am attempting to reference an outage dashboard that shows 99.999% availability of a network for a calendar year. I am using an auto-calculation logic through S123 to indicate the start date/time of the outage and the resolution date/time of the outage. The total number value is being run against 525600, representing the number of minutes in a year. I have an arcade script showing the decimal record, but it shows 99.92395437262357 vs. just the five digits. I have included my script.


var reference = $datapoint["sum_total_time_V03"];
var difference = 525600-reference;
var absoluteDifference = abs(difference);
var ratio = 525600/reference;
var ratioChange = difference/reference;
var percentage = ratio*00.001;
var percentChange = ratioChange*1

return {
    topText: percentage,
    topTextColor: '',
    topTextOutlineColor: '',
    topTextMaxSize: 'medium',
    //attributes: {
      // attribute1: '',
      // attribute2: ''
    // }


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