Is an ArcGIS Indoors license required for 'floor-aware maps'?

07-08-2021 08:52 AM
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I have a floor-aware map that follows the schema/configuration found in the help documentation for configuring an 'indoors' schema.

Field Maps recognizes the schema and presents the floor picker options.

Yet - in the Map Viewer - there are no floor options presented.

This documentation: makes no reference to ArcGIS Indoors licensing (yet following the link to 'Floor Aware Maps', there is a note that ArcGIS Indoors licensing is required).

Is an ArcGIS Indoors license required to have a 'floor-aware map'?



Brian Baldwin, Esri Inc., Lead Solution Engineer
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I believe that an Indoors license is required. In order to define a map as floor-aware, in Pro you need to go into the map properties and setup some things in the Indoor Layers tab, as described on this page: Configure floor-aware maps. If you don't have an ArcGIS Indoors license it seems this tab will not appear. Same for additional layers - there is supposed to be a Floors tab in the layer properties: Configure floor-aware layers 

Esri have released a custom Floor Filter widget on Github, which could be used as a workaround: 

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Also see the post linked below about using the Floor Filter widget in ArcGIS Javascript API 4.19+. Looks like you can define the floor configuration in the map on the client side at runtime.

cannot get new floorfilter widget working 

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