Arcade- Map Scale Symbology using $view?

03-06-2019 09:57 AM
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Hi GeoNet Community, 

We recently came across an ArcGIS Blog article about Automatically Resizing Symbols by Map Scale in Arcade.

When attempting to replicate your Arcade expressions with our data we noticed the error message  “Identifier not found $view”. 

We were wondering, is $view still a supported expression since we’re encountering this error?

Is there another method to achieve scale based symbology in specifically ArcGIS Online. This would save us a ton of time maintaining multiple layers at different scales in our web map. 



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I was able to get the same error as you when I'm in Add an Arcade Expression for the layer's popup, however it works when I'm adding an Arcade Expression under the layer's symbology, which the article shows. Is this the case for you?

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Yes, thank you.  That appears to be the case, I overlooked that the expression should be added under the symbology expressions. 

Thanks so much!

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