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Arcade for calculate a difference between the pixel value from DEM and a attribute from a polygon mapservice

10-14-2022 01:34 AM
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I need some help for the follow task.

I have a DEM - imagery Layer and i have a polygon - mapservice with heights attributes.

Now i need the difference between the pixel value from dem and the height attributes from mapservice.

I want to try ist with arcade, but arcade ist not possible in the popup configuration on a imagery layer.

So I try it at the mapservice. But I dont know how I get the dem pixel value.

I can load the dem with FeatureSetByPortalItem, then I have a FeatureSet. But I need the value Pixel from the clicked coordinate.

var pt = Portal('https://xxxxxxxx')
var dgm = FeatureSetByPortalItem(pt, "123456....", ['Service Pixel Value'])
return dgm

Is it possible with Arcade?


Thanks a lot



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Sadly, this is not possible with Arcade.

Have a great day!
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Pity but thank you 

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