Arcade Expression (Intersect two polygons layers)

09-17-2021 12:22 AM
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HI I want to write an Arcade expression in a pop up. 

I have two polygon layers in my web map

Suburb polygon and Flood polygon

I want to appear the name of the suburb in the flood event pop up  when click on the suburb layer 

My expression is

var SI = FeatureSetByName($map,"Suburb")
var int = First(Intersects($feature, SI))
return int.Suburb

The expression returns a suburb name but it returns the same name all the time for example "suburb 1". If I click in another suburb it still  return the name "suburb 1" 




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Hi @Greta 

When you click on the flood area you want to see the suburb at the location where you clicked. The problem is that when you start with the flood area polygon it will use the entire polygon to see what suburbs it intersects with and when your flood area polygon is large it will intersect with a large number of suburbs. At this moment it is not possible in the Arcade expression to have access to the location where the user clicked and therewith being able to return a single suburb at the location. You will have in the pop-up a button to go through all the features at the location where the user clicked and have access to the suburb, but not as you want in the pop-up of the flood area:


You could also go a little further and present information of multiple suburbs and the % of the area that the flood area covers the suburb. There are many possibilities. 

I have created an idea to provide access to the location clicked, but it is not implemented yet. Hopefully, this will happen soon. 

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Thank you

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