AGOL WebApp Widgets acting Buggy

06-04-2020 07:50 AM
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Hi ,

Yesterday 6/3/20 our organization AGOL hosted feature service had intermittent issues, it's been updated to resolved but ever since this issue, some of the widgets I am using are acting buggy. 

- Smart Editor - will not save a new feature

- When I try to edit the smart editor tool from Enable Geometry to Disable Geometry, my changes don't save

- Search Widget has all the the fields needed to search, but it is not working for some users. 

- When I launch the WebApp, it's slower than usual to populate the App Header

I tried republishing my data and creating a new WebApp, but the issues above still continue.  I had to add the 'Edit' widget as a work around to add new features to the dataset.  Which is not ideal, because it's creating inconsistency to our non tech users. 

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Hi Annarita Macri‌,

Thanks for the post - this sounds like something we would want to have Esri Support take a look at. If you are still running into this I can help get a case started for you - let me know. 



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