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07-06-2020 06:53 AM
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We are using multi layer cartographic line symbols to identify different types of line types in our GIS database. When uploading to AGOL to publish as a map, we receive a warning that the "Layer's symbol will be downgraded"  and the various line types all appear the same in the uploaded web map.  I understand this is by design and a limit of AGOL.  

However, when opening the same map in Explorer or Collector the original symbology will display.  How can this symbology be displayed in an AGOL Map or App?

AGOL Published Map:

AGOL Published Map

Same Map opened in Collector 20.2.2 or Explorer 20.0.1 - Displays the same symbology as in the original MXD from which the map is published, despite the downgraded symbology. 

Same Map in Collector

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I just got off the phone with ESRI Support.  They informed me this is by design and that many browsers cannot support the complex geometry so only simple symbology is currently offered for AGOL.  Apparently there is an improvement under consideration, but that is no guarantee it will be implemented.

ENH-000087498: Provide cartographic line symbology support for feature services
Status: Under consideration

I also asked what development path/platform ESRI is utilizing for their apps, such as Explorer, Collector and Field Maps, that are able to correctly render the symbology despite being downgraded.  She was not able to answer this, as she is only in support, but is trying to check with the various development teams and is to get back to me.  It has to be possible to develop an app that can support more complex symbology as ESRI is doing it.  Just which development paths/platforms can support this?  Jeff Shaner any input?

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Did you ever get any further with this? We're attempting to host feature layers with complex symbology in ArcGIS Online purely for display in ArcGIS Pro. We get the downgrade message and when we bring it into Pro, sure enough, the symbols have been downgraded, even though Pro could handle that kind of symbology.

Our current workaround is to have layer files stored in AGOL with complex symbology, but this is causing us authentication issues.

It seems to me that ESRI should allow users to opt out of a symbology downgrade if their data isn't intended for webmaps, because browser compatibility really shouldn't be preventing something like this!

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