AGOL support for HTTP map services

04-07-2019 03:11 PM
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I understand that TLS 1.2 is a protocol for HTTPS.  ESRI states that "After April 16, 2019, ArcGIS Online services will only accept connections using TLS 1.2."   Does imply that AGOL will no longer allow incoming HTTP connections and will require all map services to be HTTPS?  For example, if I have a local ArcGIS Server publishing map services to AGOL using HTTP,  those connections will be rejected after April 16th 2019 unless they are HTTPS?

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We have the same problem and are certainly not the only ones. I Don't understand why it gets no answer even a simple "no, definitely it won't be allowed after  April 16th 2019". It takes just 2 seconds to clearly close a topic once and for all ...

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