AGOL- Summary Viewer -Operational Layers

12-03-2015 11:02 AM
New Contributor

I am having trouble getting an operational layer to show up in my Summary Viewer app.  To prepare for the app, I've created a service on our local ArcGIS server and displayed the service in an AGOL map.  When I add that map to the Summary Viewer template, I cannot configure the operational layer.  No layers appear, but I have three in my map. 

I found this answer to what sounds like the same problem, but I was unable to figure out how to implement the proposed solution.

ArcGIS ONline - Operational Layers

I cannot figure out how to add a single layer individually from my map service.  I thought this was not possible on AGOL.

On the service side, I cannot figure out how I would configure my map service to allow queries at the service level.  Query is already configured on my layers at the layer level.

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