AGOL - Setting up hyperlink question

05-13-2020 08:05 AM
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Hi all,

I wonder if anybody could provide some advice.

So I have a feature class in ArcMap desktop (which I want to eventually use in AGOL).

If I have two fields in that feature class (one with a generic property appraiser website) and the other other field will hold the unique PID (property id number) for a parcel of land. My feature class encompasses 3 different counties so each row has the initial URL of the appraisers site of that county for that particular feature.

Is it possible in AGOL to make a web link that will open by concatenating those two fields together?

Do hyperlinks still have to be enabled in that layer in arcmap in order for it to work? 

If its possible is there anything that i need to be aware of - can the field by a regular string (text) field?


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