AGOL or Portal: How to limit search to web map extent are

01-22-2021 07:05 AM
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Hello everyone,


When typing an address or a text in the search box, is there a way to stay in the current web map extent, and avoid going outside, in this case the County limits.




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With portal, you can publish your own address locator that only includes locations within your county.

In AGOL, you can create a locator view from the ESRI World Geocoding Service.


When you create a locator view, you can define its extent in order to restrict search results to a specific area.

Once created, it is possible to share the view locator across to a Portal, but we have had instances where the view locator occasionally stopped working or sharing properly, which negatively impacted some of our public maps. Test it out, though!

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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