AGOL Dotted / Dashed line Symbology Issues - Published through ArcGIS Server

11-17-2020 11:01 AM
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I’m having some issues with dashed/dotted line symbology in AGOL and am curious if others have had the same issues.

I’ve published map services with feature access enabled to ArcGIS Server (each with many individual layers in them). Next, I have added the individual layers as items to AGOL from the web, referencing the REST endpoints (with the individual index numbers).

But when I then add these services to a web map, all of the layers that had dotted or dashed line symbologies are displayed with the same width line of the same stroke-gap pattern.  Regardless of the dash template used and it’s width in the mxd when publishing.

I’m confused because I know AGOL supports a wide variety of dashed/dotted lines. But is this only the case when manually changing the symbologies within the web map? Does it not apply to the default symbology applied to feature services published through ArcGIS Server? Is this a known limitation?

Here are some examples of what I am talking about (the 1st image in the mxd, the 2nd in AGOL).

AliciaWood_0-1605639358749.png AliciaWood_1-1605639400486.png

AliciaWood_2-1605639433946.png AliciaWood_3-1605639450813.png

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!




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