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08-26-2021 02:09 PM
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We recently learned that Esri introduced rate-limiting for AGO in September 2020.   As i understand it, rate-limiting is a new development in AGO.  It subsequently has impacted a few of our high traffic critical applications in undesirable ways including slow performance and 429 errors invoked when demand is high.  We have always operated on (what has become) the standard feature data store since 2014 without issue until summer 2021 with our wildfire application and data layers (2021 was/is a particularly active fire season for us).

We find ourselves in a situation where just a handful of our AGO applications and maybe a dozen associated hosted feature layers require the performance of the high cost M4 tier that allows for higher traffic and mitigates the 429 errors we were seeing.

We're hopeful that as Esri tunes the rate-limiting and premium tiers that more flexible options become available.  Possible options:

  • cost relative to actual usage instead of a flat monthly fee for Premium Tiers
  • enable AGO org to specify content that needs Premium Tier performance
    • and enable AGO org to specify date ranges for when Premium Tier usage is required
  • better documentation and transparency regarding rate-limiting and performance needs.

I'd love to hear from other AGO Organizations who may have similar concerns - what works for you with the new rate-limiting and premium feature data stores and what doesn't?  Have you opted for a Premium Tier feature datastore?  Some info is available here (search page for Premium Feature Data Store as there is no direct link to the section): 



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Any update on how this has worked out?

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