12-29-2021 08:46 AM
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I often see ArcGIS Online abbreviated in one of two manners: either "AGO" or "AGOL".

Is there any "official" way to write it in short hand? "AGO" makes much more sense to me since "Online" is a single word, but I guess using "G" for "GIS" throws this logic out the window. 

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"Potato, Potahto", as far as I know. I've always used AGOL, but it probably just depends on what one was introduced to when they first started learning web GIS. 


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I always say AGOL.  "AGO" seems too close the word "ago" to me.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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I've never even considered that the "L" isn't technically needed! I wonder how that started.

Now I'll think about everytime I write out AGOL even though I'll never be able to stop. 

Thanks a lot! 🙂

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Kudos for the Zelda II reference

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In college I knew it as AGOL and when I started my job I switched over to AGO. Using the google search "agol" it looks like the only reference to "AGOL" is in partner documentation and user comments. If we switch up the google search to "ago" we find Esri's ArcGIS Online Assistant whose URL is This does appear to be the only place that Esri actually used an abbreviation for it though.

Going back to google, if we search "agol" we get 20,400 results and "ago" gets 24,500. So while pretty evenly split, it looks AGO might be slightly preferred.