Administering Hosted Feature Layers at the PostgreSQL database backend

05-17-2021 03:35 PM
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As an ArcGIS Online organizational administrator, I would like to know if:

1) it is possible to connect to the underlying ArcGIS Online PostgreSQL database that hosts the hosted feature layers. And in connecting, being able to administrate the database and leveraging database triggers, procedures, functions & scheduled jobs etc...

2) If it is not possible now, are there plans for this to be possible in the future?

This is looking from the angle of our business that uses ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Server & an underlying ArcSDE SQL Server database/s. The direct administrative access to the SQL Database and capabilities in creating Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions and Schedule jobs is foundational to the way in which our GIS enterprise operates.

However if ArcGIS Online was leaning in this direction, in providing administrative access to the raw PostgreSQL database, at some point in the future then it would be of great interest to us.

Perhaps this will not be the case, as I sense the ESRI strategy is to offer similar capabilities that database admin access offers in the AGOL environment (and Portal to follow) but more in the form of:

  • Web hooks
  • Map expressions
  • Python Notebooks

If anyone had any insights into this question and discussion that would be great.





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