Admin of Organization but says Account is public?

03-30-2022 06:34 PM
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I am the administrator of my organization yet when I log into AGOL my account is public and I'm unable to access my organization's AGOL homepage. What's worse is that I cannot access Pro either since my account is not linked to an organization. What is going on!?! I am the administrator of my organization!! 

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Is this a ArcGIS Online Organizational Account subscription or a Personal Use subscription.

Assuming that the named user is a member of a non-expired ArcGIS Online organizational account,

1. try logging in using an incognito mode of a browser or clearing browser cache.

2. try logging in from a different browser/ system.

*Are there other user(s) in the organization? They could verify if your account exists with the Administrator role.

Please request a case with Esri Support if the issue persists.

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On top of what @JayantaPoddar has said, are you showing up as an administrator in My Esri only?

Your My Esri account and AGOL account are not linked by default. 

Do you have another AGOL account with administrator privileges to your organisation to check the members list with? If there are no other members yet, you may need to request a case with Support to look into this for you. They should be able to assist you with connecting your public account to your organisation if desired.