Adding Secure OGC WMS from Geoserver to AGOL

01-18-2021 08:40 AM
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I'm using Geoserver to provide a WMS. I'd like certain layers within the WMS to be secured.

In testing I have had the WMS layers show in ArcGIS Online when unsecured. Trusted servers and CORS all seem to be configured both in the AGOL account and on the Geoserver side.

Adding security to the layers in question (through Geoserver) ArcGIS online can see the layers but trying to add them results in a 401 error. I was expecting a pop up dialog to enter credentials as per the docs but this does not appear.

Leaving Geoserver as is, when I try to access the same layer through QGIS the behaviour is as expected; adding a secured layer prompts for user credentials.

From reading other questions I was hoping perhaps @ChrisWhitmore might have some insight.



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