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Added new domain value, cannot add value when editing in Web Map or Field Maps

04-06-2022 06:28 AM
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Hi there,

I have added a new domain value using the 'data' tab of the feature layer in ArcGIS Online. The new value has been successfully added to the legend but when editing it doesn't come up as an option in Field Maps or the Web Viewer, any ideas? I have also added the value using the visualisation tab.

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Hi @JosephHilliard94 

Had a similar issue before. Here's what you can try...

  • Go to Edit tab
  • Click 'Manage' button down the bottom of the Add Features pane.
  • Select the layer from the 'Layer' dropdown
  • Click the ADD NEW TYPE OF FEATURE button at the bottom of the Manage New Features pane
  • Add a label to the Label input box and the coded value of the domain in the Attribute box. 
  • Set symbology.
  • Click Done button.
  • Click SAVE CHANGES button
  • Test to see if appears when clicking Edit tab
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