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Add Domain Codes/Values in ArcGIS Online

07-06-2022 06:01 AM
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I have an additional 136 codes/values that I need to append to a domain on an existing hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online.  Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve copying and pasting values or directly editing the REST endpoint?

A little background...this domain allows my end user to select bid items out in the field.  These bid items are tied to a contract and a new contract just started so I have a new list of bid items to add to this domain.  I know adding 136 additional choices to an existing domain may seem excessive and ultimately not that useful to the end user.  However, this domain has several groupings within the domain and I am using Survey123 to filter this domain to a more manageable one with far fewer choices that the end user sees.  Additionally, I have the appearance of this field in Survey123 set to autocomplete so the user can type and further limit what values display.


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