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Add Data Widget Question (CSV of Addresses)

09-03-2023 08:11 PM
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Hi all,

Hopefully this is a simple answer but I cant find it anywhere so decided to ask it. If I use the add data widget in a web application/map to add a list of addresses from a CSV to the map does it consume credits?

I wanted to then do routing with the addresses that I know will use credits, I'm just not sure if adding the addresses from a CSV directly to the map and having them geocoded on the fly does?


Thanks for your help!

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Greetings @LukeAllen2 

If the Add Data widget you are configuring uses the Esri World Geocoding service to carry out the batch geocoding, yes, it will consume credits. If you implement your own geocoding service and use that instead, then no credits will be consumed for batch geocoding.  Please see the Geocoding and Geoserach for details.

Hope the above is of help.

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