Access client information from project feature class in ArcGIS online web app

12-18-2019 01:26 AM
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I am using ArcGIS Pro (basic license) to create a point feature class of project locations and information.  I also have a client contact list that I would like to relate to the projects.  This would be a many to many relationship as some projects have more than one client and some clients are associated with more than one project..  Unfortunately, since I am working with a basic license, I can't set up relationship classes (or so I assume, so if I'm wrong on this let me know). and doing a relate won't really help me since, as far as I know, the relate won't carry over to ArcGIS online. 

What I would like to be able to ultimately do in a web app, is to click on a project location and be able to see the client and client contact info without searching for it in a separate table.  Is there any way to do this without having to set up relationship classes?  Maybe there's some widget or tool that i could use to link over to a table or something?  any ideas?  I don't think doing a join would work since we're talking about a many to many relationship.  

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Hi Persefoni Kapotas‌,

You can set up 1-many relationship classes using Survey123 Connect - this doesn't get to many-many but hopefully it helps: Repeats—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 



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