A Good Tutorial for adding & Analyzing Points & Layers (?)

01-24-2022 02:35 PM
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Hello, I'm using ArcGIS Online.   

My task at hand, is that I've uploaded a Layer of Points on my sample map. 

From those points, I'm trying to determine two things

1) of the points, which points are within, a Flood Zone, and filtering points that are "out" to only focus on the points that "are not"  (Layer is available as "FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer" through ArcGIS Online)


2) of the sites not within a Flood Zone, which are within a proximity, say 500' of another available Layer called TCEQ Water Districts. (Layer is available through Arcgis Online Community called "TCEQ Water Districts")

Any examples you can provide, or summary tutorials, even with just a small data set would be very helpful.  

Unsure if both of these analyses can be on the same "Map", or if they should be separate & then merged in a subsequent map.  

The goal is to extract a list, to export (ex. to Excel) of points that are not within a floodzone, and those that are within 500' of a Water District. 

Thanks, Will

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Hi @Will_Houston 

You can start with the analysis tool in Map Viewer Classic. (You can find it at the top right app launcher -> Map Viewer Classic)

Find Existing Locations—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation




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@Will_Houston as Tang suggested above, using the Find Existing Locations analysis tool will allow you to get your desired point locations in just one step.
Check out these resources for some examples that use the Find Existing Locations tool:
1. Finding suitable sites for a distribution center

2. Environmental Assessment of Wind Farms - see the last step

Once you have your result, you can use the Extract Data tool, or navigate to the item details page and Select 'Export Data' and choose 'Export to CSV file'


Good luck,


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