Web Map Related Record Attachments

07-27-2016 11:45 AM
Status: Open
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TLDR: Implement the data tab view where related record attachments can be shown into the Web Map.

The Data tab is nice for people managing the data but sharing it through a Web Map or Operations Dashboard is still not available. In other words, it is still difficult to share related record attachments. The ideal place is through the webmap where users can select a location, see related records, and open related record attachments.   I would like the user to be able to click on the point, show related records, and go to the column like in the data tab where you can show photos and files (Image 1). Image 2 shows the Web Map view with a possible location for that column. Ideally, the Web Map builder would be able to customize the table to put that Photos and Files column wherever they want in the table.

     Figure 1. View of related record and attachment Data Tab in AGOL

     Image 2. Related record view in Web Map


lemvig_kommune‌ This will be available in the 10.5.1 release, due around the UC.




Not sure if the issue has been solved or improved already, but I wonder if there is a most practical way to see attachments in related tables. I have data related into another relationship, so it comes tricky and kind of complicated to go through tables and tables in order to see attachments among them. There would be ideal to decide what attachment to show in the pop up in AGOL or all of them if necessary. If anyone knows a way, I will be very grateful.


Juan Carlos Perdomo 


In Collector, I can see/open attachments in a related table.  In my web map, the "Photos & Files" column shows (0) Add (so none of the pictures are visible in the table).  I do have "show pop-ups" enabled and "show feature attachments as links" on the related table pop-up configuration.  Can you add a screen-shot to indicate how I'm able to see related records & attachments in the MapViewer table?


So are you saying that photo attachments to a related table still can't be seen ?  If so, that is not good.  We use related tables to inspect assets and we have photos attached to those inspection records.