Web AppBuilder Schema update

06-15-2015 02:15 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
It would be nice for the Web AppBuilder to update its schema when a new field or feature is added to the database.  Currently you have to delete the entire Web AppBuilder application and create a new one each time the schema changes.  Thus providing you with a differenct web address for each new appliation. 

Tred Riggs

Are you adding these new fields/features to an Enterprise AGS service or from a service hosted in AGOL? Regardless, having to rebuild an entire WAB app to accommodate schema changes in a feature layer doesn't seem right. We deal with a lot of schema changes yet the most we ever need to do is update the pop-up content in the web map and re-seat the Attribute Table in WAB.

I may be missing your point altogether but you definitely shouldn't ever need to scrap and rebuild a WAB app almost ever, let alone for schema changes. Should be a better way


I am adding these fields and new symbols to our Enterprise AGS Server.  Its been a while since I submitted this idea so I went ahead and changed some schema in our data and updated some new symbols in one of our web services, updated the webmap and then checked the Web AppBuilder Application.  It looks like ESRI has fixed this issue.  Before I could not get the new symbology and I could not see the new fields without deleting the entire application and creating a new one.