WAB Related Table Charts widget - popup bubble

05-31-2019 04:20 AM
Status: Open
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I'd like to have an option to set the content of the popup bubble which shows itself when I put the mouse cursor over the generated graph.

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I agree. The Chart Widget needs major improvements. We should definitely should be allowed to change what's in the hover pop-up bubble. The Chart I created is using the field name instead of the alias in the hover popup. At minimum you should be able to use the alias. It would be better if it could be an open text option, so you could customize it and enter what ever you'd like. There also isn't a space in between the field name and the value. It would be nice if you could enter text here, so I could enter the field alias, add the space, and add the dollar sign before it reported the value. It would make the charts look much more professional. Even on the Chart Widget Help Page in Esri's screen shot they show an example and you can notice no space being used. Here's an image of my chart's hover pop-up. You can see the field name being used (notice underscores), no space in between field name and value, and I'm dealing with dollars, so would like to have the option to add a dollar sign.Chart Widget - Hover Pop-up