WAB Query widget allow custom queries

06-05-2019 04:54 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III


It would be useful if you could configure the query widget to allow end users to create their own custom queries. Similar to the way you can set this up for the filter widget. I'd like the option to have the expression builder interface displayed by default.


by Anonymous User

Yes, absolutely would like to see this!  Even after creating videos and help docs, the Filter is too hidden away for many users to find or remember how to get to. And easy to forget to turn off. (no badge indicator in LayerList or Att. Table that it's on still) The Query Widget is more 'visible' and intuitive and this would be great to see.  This would open up a lot of possibilities if users could create their own Queries. Especially if we let users use their own SQL for advanced users that know how. It already shows SQL now it just needs to let users create their own query by GUI like Filter or manually with SQL. Jianxia Song 


Yes please. This could come very handy for many.