Using photos stored in ArcGIS Online - Image URL not accessible unless item is shared to everyone (public)

02-24-2017 09:03 AM
Status: Open
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Stored photos in My Contents can be used in pop-ups in web apps and as images in story maps. Currently, however, the correct URL for using those images is only visible if the images are shared publicly (i.e. shared to everyone). This is not useful for app development when you don't immediately want to share the content or when the user does not have the permission to share publicly.

This is discussed in this blog post

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This still seems to be an issue. I would like to store images in ArcGIS Online and reference them for buttons in HUB. I cannot share publicly, so I cannot do anything with images in ArcGIS Online. Very frustrating! If I could share content publicly, i'm sure there are many better options that storing images in ArcGIS Online. For those of us with this restriction, please make the URL available so we can use it!