Use pie chart and graph symbolization on points and polygons in AGOL

10-21-2013 06:19 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor


In desktop I can use pie charts and bar graphs to symbolize data on points and polygons. This is a great way to communicate multiple data items in an easily understandable way. In AGOL at the moment we can only use one data field to create proportional symbols or unique values.



and need to have possibility to put charts and bar graphs on objekts as labels, not only in pop-up's.
Hallo I only can support this.
In ArcView it was and in ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap) it is possible to design and create all various types of thematic maps to visualize statistic data.
The only supported thematic map in ArcGIS Online is a choropleth map
It would be a great advantage to be able to create diagramm maps (Kartodiagramm in german)
Here one must be able to choice multiple attribute fields for the pie charts. At the moment one only can select one attribute field. One attribute field is not enough for visualizing statistical data.
Like in ArcMap the user must have the possibility to select n fields and define colors for each attribut to visualizee in the pie chart. The user also should be able to define the
 size of the circle of the pie chart diagramm (Kreissektorendiagramm in german). The size could bei a value of an attribute field or a number given in by user.

There is another idea going in the same direction (from 2011), would be really helpful!


Definitely needs to be added to ArcGIS online!


I too need to use pie charts in ArcGIS . Currently I have a field with # of observations, and 2 fields each with a different species. I would like to use a chloropleth map for the population density, with a proportional pie chart for species percentage. Any other ideas on how I could represent this in ?


Kory Kramer‌  I know you have answered a lot of questions about the implementation of this idea for ArcGIS pro in 2.5 ( ).  Do you know if this idea is on the road map for AGOL hosted feature services?  


I'd like to take the results of "summarize within" and map the grouped data results instead of just see it as a pie chart in the pop-up.