Unique values symbology: add ability to set new unique colors randomly

12-02-2019 06:40 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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So let's say you have Unique Values for colors for a polygon layer. For example historic districts.  You want each one to have its own color, by Name. You do not want to see the <all other values>.   Currently, if the attributes change, the polygon colors go blank and are unlabeled. And if you add new districts with new names, ie new attributes, they do not even appear.  I do not want to use <all other values>.  I would like the ability for ArcGIS Enterprise Server / ArcMap/Pro to add new arbitrary choropleth colors on the fly to the service without republishing.  Kory Kramer

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by Anonymous User

This is a common issue I run in to.  For example, if you update a layer with new data, the symbology does not change in ArcMap.  This is a bug I hope to see updated circa 10.8.1:   Let new values assign new random choropleth colors. In other words, it "just works". For example on my site's service, www.sagis.org/map I had both values, district and name, to be labeled for City Council Aldermanic Districts. The app referencing the service as well as ArcMap still show the old values.

Kory Kramer