Transfer Ownership of Storymaps

04-27-2023 06:41 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

We would like to be able to produce Storymaps as deliverables, which we can then transfer to our Client organisations ArcGIS environment. 

There seems to be a few workarounds, but no clear and easy way to transfer ownership of a 'packaged' Storymap from one organisation to another. 

Please, please, can we have this? 

We want to be able to transfer the Storymap including all content items to another organisation, for them to be able to publish the Storymap and make it public. We would not have access to the ArcGIS login details (password) for the receiving organisation (but could be provided with username / email, to allow the receiving organisation to authorise transfer directly).

It's clear that this has been requested multiple times, and various arduous workarounds exist - so it's a common workflow which it would be helpful for ESRI to look at.