Support signing in to Enterprise AGOL accounts using ArcGIS Python API

05-06-2020 09:56 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Currently, the only way that users of AGOL through an organization (employer, school, etc) can authenticate the ArcGIS Online python API is via an active ArcGIS Pro connection. Non-Enterprise users have several different methods that can be used to authenticate, many of which boil down to including their username and password in the code. Having to use an active ArcGIS Pro connection to run scripts can put limitations on the ability to share scripts for other users to run and on the ability to run scripts on computers where ArcGIS Pro is not or cannot be installed or modified. There are posts on ArcGIS forums going back to 2017 regarding this issue and confirming that logging in to Enterprise accounts using other methods is not supported; personally, I believe that 3 years is plenty of time to wait before providing Enterprise users the same options for accessing the API

(Especially given that it is not explicitly outlined in any of the authentication guides that they do not apply to Enterprise accounts, and users can waste an incredible amount of time trying out different things and taking extensive notes on everything that's not working and why...when really, it's just not for them. Or, me. Whoops!)