Support More Robust Symbology Hatching

11-28-2012 11:56 AM
Status: Implemented
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For map (feature) services hosted on ArcGIS Online, only hollow- and solid-fill polygon symbology is effectively supported.  Feature services can be published that use polygon hatching symbols, but the hatching will always be black--no color is supported.  Similarly, when modifying the symbology of polygons in ArcGIS Online, only hollow- and solid-fill symbols are available.  It would be very nice to support a more robust set of polygon symbology.

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ESRI wants people to use ArcGIS  for their maps so why don't they support all the general gallery symbology that are available in ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro software for your ArcGIS  maps.. Very frustrated that we can't use different kinds of polygon symbols in our city maps.


I totally agree. We are seeing people with Desktop experience using ArcGIS Online more and they feel limited in what they can do with symbology.


I just published a hosted service in AGO with simple polygon cross hatching. Just learned AGO won't display it. Up vote.


I see this item's status is "Reviewed," but it is 7 years old and this functionality is still not in AGOL. Is this a planned enhancement in the near future?


Let's go ESRI, this enhancement is way past due. The users need and deserve this functionality. Is this a planned enhancement in the near future?


Definitely needed. It's very frustrating to do a load of styling work in Pro, only to upload it and discover some of your symbology doesn't work properly in AGOL. If Pro and AGOL are to be truly complimentary, they need to at least be able to make the content look the same in both.


Since I'm someone with next-to-zero knowledge of JavaScript, how feasible is it to implement this "possible" solution?


This is exactly my issue.  I am moving to using ArcGIS Online for virtually everything.  I will still use Pro for editing on my end but have to create web apps for most users.  ArcGIS Server allowed me to do almost anything with symbology and now that I am using Hosted Feature Layers/Views it is extremely limited what I can do.  I can't even figure out a good way to symbolize railroads.  Really?, who symbolizes railroads with a simple line symbol?  You have to be able to tell the difference between railroads and regular roads.  


It's funny we can do 3D in this environment but can't do some of the simplest symbology in a 2D map.