Support customised popups in 3D web apps

04-15-2016 02:08 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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I don't seem to be able to make a 3D web app with nice popups:

  • I cannot configure popups in web scenes.
  • If I make the popups in a 2D web map, and save as layer, then use that layer in my web scene, then use that web scene in a 3D configured application and use the 3D configured application in a story map, the popups are not honored at the app stage.

Is it possible to address this, so we can have informative and attractive popups?
0EME0000000Y10A  Web map popup

0EME0000000Y10F  Web scene popup (made in web map then saved as layer)

0EME0000000Y10K  Web app popup


You should now see custom popups working across from Web Scenes to Templates & WAB


It would be great to configure pop ups directly in 3d scenes!

Especially when working with Scene Layers, which can not be loaded into 2d-WebMaps.

For now: all Scene Layer Attributes pop up, or you choose to show none at all. Its not possible to configure/select attributes.

So please add pop up configurator in 3d scenes, which should support scene layers of course.


Another down side using 2d map environment to configure pop ups: it is save to the feature layer, so only one pop up configuration is possible to pass through 3d scenes this way! If we need different pop ups from the same data source, we have to duplicate data, which dosnt make sense.

It would be much more comfortable to be able to configure and save Pop ups within the 3D Scene!