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Subscribe to RSS feed for Open Data items

08-24-2018 01:08 PM
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Data providers deploy, change over time, and retire Open Data items.  Item retirement and some item changes (item ID, URL, fields, etc.) can bust people's stuff.  Courteous change management procedures include notification to data consumers and overlapping availability of resources that will enable them to make necessary changes to their solutions.  Enabling consumers of Open Data items to subscribe to an RSS feed would enable courteous change management practices by data providers.

Not so long ago, Open Data items had a direct path to the item's details page, where a data consumer could find and subscribe to the RSS feed.  Not so anymore.  Busted.  It would be useful if Esri would expose the item's RSS subscription directly on the Open Data page for the item.

Check it out:


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A parallel thought is that I would like to subscribe or favorite an organization... so that I can quickly access content they share... so if I am in Pro, Portal Map Viewer, or AGOL, I could find a subscriptions section and list open data portals or owners or something... Searching AGOL content is too cumbersome for many of the staff in my organization and they need something better than advanced search parameters, a subscription or something similar to My Favorites would be a great add...