Story Map: Need template for font styles (like slide master in PowerPoint)

09-04-2015 09:55 AM
New Contributor III
I am concerned that in their present form users will waste a lot of time with low level formatting tasks or possible flights into scripting rather than the geography. One example of the formatting issue with Story Maps is that in 'SETTINGS', the only thing you can set up for text at the moment is the fonts for header and side panel.  At the moment you have to change this for each section separately.  It would be very helpful and time-saving to have a tab for the template for the styles used in each section's headers and section content (side panel text) so that you can standardise the header and section content colour and size.  The choice of font colour for hyperlinks should also be part of the template.  At the moment it appears to be a standard blue in edit, but this becomes automatically black and unnoticeable after saved.  I prefer red as it stands out more.  This improvement would be a bit like customising the 'slide master' in PowerPoint.