Story Map Journal - enable feature search when configuring Main stage action

11-02-2017 04:00 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

When a web map has feature search enabled/configured (i.e. search for features in a web map layer via the search widget)...the Story Map Journal supports the web map's feature search in the main stage (when configured to use a web map)...however, the same support is not available when configuring a main stage action to zoom to a location.

I would like to see this supported when configuring text in the panel to zoom to a location (main stage action) when the text is clicked.  Currently this allows you to search for a location using the default esri geocoder, but it doesn't support searching for features in the web map.

Currently... the map used to configure the location is just a generic web map instead of the web map with layers that is shown in the main stage.  The map used for configuring the location doesn't show any feature layers from web map used in main stage  ...thus making it very difficult to find features to zoom to.