Stop disabled accounts from counting towards number of users in Organisation

07-25-2018 08:00 AM
Status: Open
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Since our organisation decided to consolidate all survey activity on to Survey123 we have seen an increase in pressure on our named user accounts in AGOL - we are running out!

As many of the new survey only users only carry out surveys infrequently we thought that we could just disable their accounts until they need them again.  Unfortunately it is documented (Manage members—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS) that disabled accounts count towards the organisation's total.  This seems strange as it means we're paying for something that can't be used.  It would make more sense for disabled accounts to not count towards the organisation total.


This is a great idea, especially for Level 2 users. Only active users should count against the license. Allowing organizations to disable inactive users in order to free up user accounts is a significantly better solution than having to delete a user from the organization completely. We've had to resort to transferring an user's content to the Portal Administrator account and placing all of their content in a folder named "<user>_archive" so that if that user ever needs an account again, we just need to add the user and then transfer ownership of all of that content in the folder back to them, preventing the content from being lost.

If we could instead just disable the user, content stays alive and owned by that deactivated user and the deactivated user no longer counts against the Level 2 user count, that would make managing users a whole lot easier.


The current architecture does not seem fair to the customer at all.


Sean Culpan great minds think alike. I noticed this recently as well with my increased usage on AGOL. It is quite confusing for my users who will create an account and use it for a project, then I need the account so I delete them when they are done and need to add them back later. They usually respond, "but I already created an account, can't I just use that one?"


Additionally, disabled accounts should be filtered when configuring AGO accounts for Pro licenses.  Currently disabled accounts appear in the list with the rest of active accounts.


This would be a great feature. Users hang onto their accounts in case they ever need to update their storymaps, when those accounts could just be disabled until they need them and used by more active users.


The only way to solve this within the current environment that I've been able to think of is to use Role Users instead of Named Users, and then pass that account on to whoever is going to use it next. E.g. instead of 'Jonah.Whale' account that is disabled or deleted until next season (if he ever comes back) we have 'Field.Operative.23'.

The kink in this is that user accounts (role names) are tied to Esri Training and Geonet. I'm willing to pay that cost to avoid the drudgery work of creating and deleting what is essentially the same account again and again.