Statistics on date fields (dashboard)

04-08-2019 12:19 AM
Status: Open
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In an Operations Dashboard it is possible to use statistics on numeric fields. Nice! It would be even nicer when statistics could be used for date fields as well. For example: a featureservice containing notifications has a date field with the date/time when the issue was reported. The only way to show the last date/time a notification was made is through an awkward work-around of uploading en updating a separate table with one record to show in a list widget. 

It would be really good if statistics could be used on date fields, so I can simply use an indicator widget to show the last date/time a notification was made.

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Was going to post another idea, but think this is similar to mine.

I was hoping that the "Last update: an hour ago" text in the info graphics would show the most recent time that the data was edited (if editor tracking is enabled) or to fall back to the current default of showing the time the page was last refreshed if editor tracking isn't enabled. This is critical to have for dashboards as data that gets updated very little, as if I open a dashboard and see "last update: a few seconds ago" I would expect the data to be up to date when it may not be.

The other idea is to keep the existing and have a toggle for "Data Last Updated" and have that utilize the most recent edit from editor tracking.