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03-18-2019 09:50 AM
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Many organizations are happy to share large amounts of open data with the public, so long as they can clearly disclaim liability for members of the public using the data in unexpected or unintended ways.  Items hosted in the ArcGIS Online Open Data Portal do already have a License field where such legalese can be included, but it must be actively clicked on by the user to view it.  A disclaimer that can be so easily overlooked is less legally sturdy than one that users must actively click "I Agree" to acknowledge.

Based on all that, it would be very nice to have some ability to configure a splash screen welcoming users to the Open Data Portal and requiring them to agree to a general license agreement before proceeding to the data.  Even for organizations that do not have need of such license agreements, it would be nice to have some sort of ability to post a splash screen that would be seen by people who follow direct links to pages other than the front page of the Open Data Portal.  

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I agree.  A splash screen seems very important. Good idea!


Yes, this!  I am trying to implement Open Data for my organization. But the lawyers are saying we need to include a disclaimer like you described above and that this disclaimer requires action by the user in order for the it to be considered "acknowledged" and thus valid.


That's the main reason behind this request for me, as well.  Our lawyers really want an active acknowledgement of the license agreement to be required to download anything from our Open Data Portal, but there's no way to do it right now.  For now, my organization (and several others we deal with on a regular basis) have been forced to put copies of the license agreement and/or links to it in inappropriate places, like the top of the Description field, just to ensure that some reference to the license at least appears on users' screens before they download anything.  It's ugly and makes the lawyers nervous, which makes our leadership nervous. 


This is a no brainer, in fact, ALL of ESRI's web applications should have splash screen functionality (including Dashboards) and a way to tract acceptance.  



I have done a work around by having the web app with a splash screen be the first thing they see when the hub opens, but it doesn't really function/look great. Temporarily the best I've figured out at this time. 


I really need to have a splash screen for our HUB site that requires a user to acknowledge a list of restrictions to using the data. 


There is no splash screen available in hub. However you can embed an ArcGIS Experience page that can have a splash screen - which they call a window in Experience Builder. They make it really user friendly. So you can add an application card in hub and then select the Experience you created. 


(FYI- I talked to one of the hub designers during the User Experience Conference a month ago. They said there are no immediate plans to include a "out-of-the-box" splash screen in hub.)


Yep, this is a concern with our legal team as well, any update Esri?