Show Related Records in Pop-Up

08-04-2016 10:42 AM
Status: Open
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There have been other versions of this idea that have been flagged as "implemented", ( and ) but the ability to show or format related records in the pop-up still does not exist.

It would be great to show a list of the related records in a feature's pop-up.  I'd like people to be able to view different contact information when clicking on a building, but the only way for this to work currently is by creating a long one-to-one join and publishing that as a service or by forcing users to open the table.  Both have implications with data design and user experience.

Both of the previous ideas where marked as implemented, but the 2016 update to ArcGIS Online only added related table functionality in the webmap's Details Page (which is not a user friendly way to interact with a webmap).  The 2016 update also allowed the ability to summarize related data (Configure pop-ups—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS ), so one-to-many relationships with text display a feature count.  Again, while an improvement, this isn't terribly helpful for those wanting to view one or two details stored in a related table.

I understand it may be difficult to display potentially complex relationship information in a small pop-up, but I have faith in ESRI finding a way to make this better if they continue to work on it.


The June 2016 release got closer to this, but I agree that there are still enhancements needed. Right now, I have a polygon feature class that has a many-to-one relationship with a table. I really need to be able to show the records in the related table in our pop-ups, but that appears to be the only relationship that is not currently supported.


I vote for complex relates! We NEED a way to host a view relates and joins in the cloud, where I can access related records to a table that is related to the features. Or simply viewing/editing/relating tables without spatial features. 

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Yes, it would be useful to us also to see them in the popup. With complex relates and views. In the Attrib Table is nice but not as friendly in certain use cases.


Yes, please make this online software more advanced. It's not logic to hold data any other way than using relationships but right now you have to make many workarounds to get to see what you need. Multi-tabbed pop-up could solve this from the users perspective - one, still small pop-up but related records all shown in one place and separately configurable as it is now. 


Is this on the road map? Any ideas on when 1 to M relationships will be viewable in pop-ups?? 


June 2018 - Building out an application that has an extensive array of related tables - spent so much time on my tables! Wish so much that I could display the related attribute information in my pop ups!


For those of us using Collector as a means for inspecting assets, it would be VERY nice to be able to view related information in a pop-up window, as in many cases each related record has a photo attachment representing the status of the asset at that visit.


Voted up. Its frustrating that this functionality is available in some apps but can't be as easily achieved in WAB. I have a partial workaround in this similar Idea thread involving the "Near Me" widget.


Yes. Yes. A thousand times Yes. Sure do wish this was a basic out of box feature for AGOL!


Still nothing it seems? Can't display related table information that is a string in pop-up as anything other than aggregate stat (count? what good does that do anyone?)