Format Related Records in pop up

Idea created by boyle.matt on Aug 26, 2015

    It would be nice to be able to format related records in AGOL / Web AppBuilder / Web Templates much like you do a feature class.


    For example:  If I'm using the Web AppBuilder and I select 'Show Related Records', the related record(s) are static text with no formatting.  I'd like the ability to make a field in the related table act as a hyperlink, or be able to control what fields right now it shows all fields within the related table.


    I believe it would also be nice to have a pop-up as an option instead of using the attribute table for related tables, I think it would be a little more intuitive.  You're able to configure a pop-up for a table within a service in AGOL, so it would be nice to use that configuration within the related table pop-up.