Set map symbol styles based on attribute from relationship table in ArcGIS online

05-04-2015 05:53 PM
Status: Open
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It's great now that ArcGIS online supports relationship classes. It makes it easy to insert multiple inspections on an asset.  However, it's difficult for an inspector to visually see which assets they have already visited.
I would like to see the ability to symbolise the main feature by a statistic of its related records eg. Count of attribute from related records.  Currently you can add that statistic to the origin feature's popup. We just need to add ability to symbolise by that value.


You might be interested in this related idea for Collector...


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It's essential!

This can be done as a separate query layer based on most recent related record, but it is cumbersome.


Come on ESRI!!! We need this!!!  Make it a reality!!


This would indeed be very useful for field work (particularly for teams). While it is possible (though laborious) to implement workarounds, the updates of the symbology take up to one minute or more (depending on the refresh interval set on the webmap).


It is crazy that this request has almost 1000 votes including the ideas that have been merged with it and is still only on "reviewed".  This has got to be the most important capability for anyone who wants to use Collector to do field inspection reports.  A visual way to identify assets that have changed status as a result of an inspection is a necessary capability.


I am trying to achieve this by selecting max date and grouping by fileNum when I publish this map I get warning messages, in AGOL I can only see my related table no feature. Any help would be appreciated.


It's been a year since the last comment on this idea. This seems so essential to me! I hope ESRI can provide an update to this idea soon.


Any word if there has been any traction here? I searched around for an option using Arcade and no luck.