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Save Visible Fields in Feature Service Data Tab

03-23-2020 06:41 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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When reviewing service data in the Data tab, it is common that not all of the feature layer's fields are visible here. By clicking the Show/Hide Columns tab, you are able to toggle on and off which fields are displayed in the Data tab. After turning them on and off though, these selections are not saved, and this step must be repeated if you go our of the data tab and return.

This can be misleading because if you forget that some of the fields automatically turn off, then you may think the field wasn't populated with data when completing data collection, when in reality, it was just being hidden.

I would like to propose that this list of visible and hidden fields in the Data tab, accessed through the Show/Hide Columns tab can be saved to the feature service just like other settings are, so that the list of data fields is consistent every time when using the data tab.