Reorder Layers - Configure Attributes

02-05-2019 08:49 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Make it easier to reorder layers when creating a web map OR using web app builder. Add the ability to click and drag and the ability expand the "Configure Attributes Window" in the configure pop-up menu so you can see a longer list of fields.  When you are in the configure attributes window, it is too slow and when you have a lot of fields that you need to re-order it can be very cumbersome.

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I've just come in to write the same thing!  I have 40+ fields  I've just added a new field and really I want it to be right up the top.  This process currently requires me to click on the new field, click on the up arrow, scroll back to the new field, click on the new field again, click on the up arrow ... repeat 40+ times.  Just a bit tedious!!

I love the click and drag idea.  Another idea would be to have 'bring to the top', 'bring to the bottom' arrows too.