Radius dimensions for drawing circles

10-12-2011 08:03 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
Just as you can see the length as you draw a line, it would be helpful to see the radius of the circle you are drawing.  We have users that need to draw circles around points to see if other features are within set distances.  The clunky workaround is to draw a line with the proper radius length, then draw a circle using both ends of the line to define the center and radius.  Then the line must be deleted.  There should be an easier way!
To see radiusmodify radius while drawing and change radius after the circle is drawn should be definitely made available. The same goes for all regular-shaped features/graphics as requested in Universal Control Panel.
This is available in v10, when you use the Circle construction tools, you can left click to start drawing a circle then right click and enter a radius measurement. Alternatively, as you draw the circle, down the bottom left it gives you dimensions such as area, circumference and radius.

Oops, I did not read that this was for ArcGIS Online until I pressed Post Comment