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Quadrant Bearing direction option for distance-direction widget

08-25-2021 02:26 PM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Pro when creating a new point, you can choose the option to create a point at the end of a line and use Direction and Distance.  One of the options for direction is Quadrant Bearing (QB).  This option is perfect for mapping locations based on a surveyed location for water right permits.  Unfortunately, the quadrant bearing option is not available on the Distance and Direction widget in ArcGIS Online.  Why?  It is a pain to convert quadrant bearing to azimuth direction.  We would like to develop a web map to check permit maps as they are initially reviewed by non-GIS personnel.  Asking them to convert quadrant bearing to azimuth in a spreadsheet and then enter it into the web map is far from ideal.  We would love to have a quadrant bearing option on the Distance and Direction widget in ArcGIS Online!

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Hi @StephanieSnider , very practical and pragmatic idea! I'm used to the ArcMAP COGO tools and the manual trig conversions for these. Having it a part of PRO would be a great addition. Look forwards to seeing what comes of it, best regards,