Put the Time Aware app back into the Configurable Apps

02-03-2021 06:49 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I used the Time Aware app template for an app I created and I am really happy with it, especially the ability to add custom CSS. (I wish that more of the apps would have this feature.) I noticed that Time Aware is no longer available when choosing an AGOL app template.

I would like you to continue to support the Time Aware app template and also add it back to the Configurable Apps that are available when sharing a web map as an app. I know there is a time slider widget in the Web App Builder. By contrast, the Time Aware app has a different look, it is customizable via CSS, and works better for me on mobile devices. Also, the Web App Builder will not let you change the size or color of things such as the slider text that I can tell.

Here is the app I mentioned that was made in Time Aware: https://cloud.longviewtexas.gov/maps/Annexations/


We are in the process of building an updated Time Aware app that will support additional capabilities. In the meantime you can accomplish some of your tasks (custom css, modify appearance) using the Media app and enabling the time slider. Here's an example that has a few styling changes applied. 




Thanks, Kelly, for the information and example! I will take a look at the Media app, and I look forward to seeing the updated Time Aware app when that is ready.