Publish Geoprocessing Services to ArcGIS Online

02-13-2020 09:12 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to be able to publish geoprocessing services to ArcGIS Online in the same way you can publish them to Server. Not everyone has a on-premise solution, but many do have access to AGO. Also, depending on the situation, utilizing the cloud to host these geoprocessing services can be preferable to an on-premise solution. Hosted geoprocessing services could use credits in the same way other published content does. I'm surprised with how far AGO has come this isn't a capability yet.


While this is a fascinating idea and would move us more to the idea of a cloud-gis; I have had discussions with #ESRI that this isn't easily doable. Mainly for the fact that geoprocessing can be deeply performance/resources intensive and doing so would require much more dynamic resources that typically can elastically scale.

The answer I got was to host a cloud machine/s and host my services there and then use push the results to my AGOL instance.


Hi David Wright. I'm sure ESRI is right, but difficult things are worth doing, and if there is will, there is a way. Geoprocessing tasks might be a good fit for Azure functions or AWS Lambda as they are designed for incredibly variable loads and are trigger based serverless compute instances.


I don't disagree with you Devin Doring‌ but I think for them its a strategic shift. When I asked them about being able to publish my own Geocoders to AGOL they pushed for me to just put a Feature-Class and query against it.

That is a very different capability...