Public sharing with password

04-27-2018 06:15 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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It would be great if it was possible to share some webmap or app with public acces, but restricted by password, only for ponctual use and ponctual user who don't have ESRI access.

For exemple, i want to share a web map for 18 mayor of our community, but the data can't be public. If i could send a passaword with the link, it would be safe!

Don't ask me to open lvl 1 acces for the mayor, they won't use it... 

For commercial aspect, we can have credit usage to share link with password acces? it would be really usefull for ponctual acces with someone who don't have lvl 1.

Thank you

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Or maybe like what YouTube does with "unlisted links". It is completely unsearchable but only available if you have the link.


I was going to suggest something like this.  

Want to be able to have a web map/app private within My Content on our organization's Portal, but still be able to share it without having the person it's being shared with a member of the Portal and then within a Group. (we have 100k+ way we'd be able to manage them all in the Portal)  You may also not want to share an item with everyone that's a member of a Group.

Another simpler option to a password would be a shareable link of a private web map/app in the Share options box.