Provide option to retain previous version of ArcGIS Online within organizational account

09-03-2014 01:56 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II
Deployment procedures for ArcGIS Online are very different from deployment procedures for ArcGIS Desktop, Server, etc.  ESRI comes out with an update to ArcGIS Online and it affects every organization.  We do not have any ability to test the platform for conformity with our settings/desired outcomes before it is released.  2 out of the past 3 updates to ArcGIS Online have created serious issues with our user experience and have left us scrambling to react to the changes.  ESRI should have a setting that allows the administrator of an organization to choose when to apply the update to the site.  Updates to ArcGIS Online are frequent, so I understand maybe only allowing an organization 3-6 months to remain at a specified release before being pushed to the next release.  ESRI must grant the ArcGIS Online for Orgnaizations administrators the ability to check for compatibility with their exisiting use scenarios.